Tropical Leaves

Natural products for Home & Garden



Black Spot Remover 360°
Patio black spots that grow on your garden stonework are actually spots of black lichen.

Black spot remover 360° cleaning solution has been specifically developed for the removal of black spot lichen in a safe and effective way.

Eco Cleaning Vinegar
 A natural disinfectant for daily home cleaning in a safe way for you and the 
environment. Combat tough stains, Greasy Stovetop and much more.

Cleaning Materials

 Box Blight

 Fungus Treatment Designed to combat box blight. Formulated with our non toxic ingredients Designed to combat pre & post fungus.  Stay Safe while Gardening. 

 Mushrooms & Toadstools 

 Fungus Treatment

Designed to combat lawn Mushrooms & Toadstools. Formulated with our proprietary formula. Designed to combat pre & post fungus treatments.  Stay Safe while Gardening 

Combat Dog Urine Lawn Burn Organic Neutraliser 

Designed to neutralise ammonia and nitrogen in dog urine to prevent your lawn from burning.

Protect the planet, protect yourself and protect your pets.

Artificial Grass Safe
Formulated to combat your protect without effecting your artificial grass.