Professional Pro Lawn Herbicide: Grass Safe


Super concentrate 250ml 

Estimated Coverage 150sqm 


  • Lawn Weedkiller
  • Lawn Herbicide
  • Achieve clean British Lawn
  • Golf course greens
  • Professional Lawns


✓ Kills weeds not lawn

✓ Stunning British Lawns

✓ Professional Ornamental Lawn

✓ Golf course greens


WeesiSafe Lawn Pro is a selective weedkiller that targets broad-leaved weeds such as dandelions, daisy, clover, bindweed, chickweed, common mouse-ear, thistles, lesser trefoil, plantain, cleavers, creeping buttercup, black medick, and hogweed to name a few. It only targets the weed and not the surrounding lawn. It kills the weeds from the roots so that they no longer compete with the turf for water, nutrients, and sunlight. After application, weeds will begin to decompose with a brownish colour and eventually die within a total timeframe of 4-6 weeks. It removes the competition from the weeds and lets the grass thrive and spread. Only one treatment is needed per season. The best time to apply this weed killer is between the months of April and September. This is the period when plants are actively growing and producing long leaves. The long leaves help the spray to translocate through the weed to reach its roots. For best results, avoid mowing the lawn a few days before and after treatment. Check with your local weather station to determine if it will rain within a 24 hour period of the treatment. Rain lessens the effectiveness of the weed killer and promotes run-off and drainage contamination. Furthermore, avoid drought and frost conditions. Wind is also a problem because it can cause the spray to drift.



Professional Pro Lawn Herbicide