Organic Horticultural Fungicide 

Pet Safe Formula 

Vegan Product

Covers over 300sqm


Combat & Prevent a verity of plant & lawn fungus (listed below)


Neutralise dog urine on lawn to prevent burn patches.


✔ Downy mildew

✔ Lawn Mushrooms.

✔ Blight Buxom/Box Blight Combat & Prevent

✔ Combat Black spot

✔ Combat Downy mildew

✔ Combat Powdery mildew

✔ Combat Wilt

✔ Combat Blight

✔ Combat Clubroot

✔ Neutralise dog urine on lawn



Maximum total dose (outdoor crops): 60kg Maximum individual dose: 20g/litre.

Mixing Ratio 20g/litre (1 heaped table spoon):Lawn Mushrooms

10g/litre:Lawn Burn 10g direct powder

Application:Apply using a garden sprayer.Mix thoroughly: Lawn Burn use direct powder.


Direction for use: Spray the infected area along with uninfected area • Soak the leaves and stems thoroughly • Spray under the leaves.

MUSHROOMS: Add a squeeze of liquid dish soap to the Mix. Remove all mushrooms with stem/root, Spray the area directly and soak .(This formula is safe to use on grass but repeated use can cause damage ) The formula will soak deep into the ground to take effect on the cause issue.

Continue the process if needed. *Not removing the mushrooms will re seed the area.


Lawn Burn: Sprinkle the powder over the area to Neutralise.Use the garden hose or watering can to soak the area thoroughly. At least soak to a depth of 1”.


Apply in dry conditions and Do not apply in direct sunlight.

Apply treatment to combat and prevent.

Approved for use in the United Kingdom:HSE PPP SI 1986/1510

Active Substance:Potassium Hydrogen Carbonate

Organic Plant Fungus Treatment and Prevention