30% All Purpose Eco Friendly Cleaning Vinegar - Natural Home and Garden Vinegar


✓ Organic

✓ Alternative for Glyphosate

✓ Safe to use on artificial grass

✓ Biodegradable

✓ No ingredients that are harmful to your health


Multiple Uses


EARTH FRIENDLY: Derived from corn naturally grown in the UK. Non-toxic and environmentally friendly.


NATURAL CARPET AND FLOOR CLEANER: Clean tile, linoleum, carpets, furniture, seats, drain lines, and other indoor surfaces and floors with ease.


MULTI-USE: Use all around your home and garden. Use at full strength to remove tough stains or dilute with water for a softer clean.


PET FRIENDLY: Non-toxic, biodegradable, additive-free, non-caustic, dye- and chemical-free.


ECONOMICAL: Safer than store-bought cleaners and much cheaper in the long run.


Horticultural vinegar, diluted to 30 percent acetic acid, is used as an ingredient for making defoliants for controlling weeds, including  ivy, dandelion, grasses, nettles, perennials and a verity of unwanted vegetation. Horticultural vinegar can also be diluted with water to 6 to 10 percent for cleaning. Horticultural vinegar is at concentrations of 30 percent.


USDA allows the sale of unadulterated vinegar at these concentrations as an inert ingredient


Contains Acetic acid, also known as ethanoic acid, is a clear colourless liquid which has a pungent, vinegar-like odour.Chemical formula: CH₃COOH or C2H4O2

Identification number UN2790 less than 50% acid

It falls under the food additive code E260 as a condiment and an acidity regulator


Safety warning: Acetic acid can be a hazardous chemical if not used in a safe and appropriate manner. This liquid is highly irritable to the skin and eyes and, because of this, must be handled with extreme care. Acetic acid can also be damaging to the internal organs if ingested or in the case of vapor inhalation. Not for human consumption. 


Product description


6x Stronger Than standard vinegar! Hundreds of uses! Environmentally friendly because it’s biodegradable INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Horticultural Applications: Use at full strength with any type of pressure sprayer. 

Regular Cleaning: Add 1 part vinegar to 5 parts water. 

Heavy Duty Cleaning: Add 1 part vinegar to 2 parts water. 

Other Great uses include: - Lowering pH of soil and water - Drip irrigation line & hydroponic equipment cleaner - Clean brick and stone patios and driveways - Cleaner for green houses and hothouses - Ridding doors from laundry (clothes & washing machine) - Deodorize & clean drain lines and garbage disposals - Dissolves mineral, calcium & lime buildup - Removes soap scum & hard water stains - Polishes chrome and metal fixtures - Cleans rust off tools & concrete

30% All Purpose Eco Friendly Vinegar - Organic - (5 Litre)

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