• EARTH FRIENDLY: Derived from corn naturally grown in the UK. Non-toxic and environmentally friendly.
  • NATURAL CARPET AND FLOOR CLEANER: Clean tile, linoleum, carpets, furniture, seats, drain lines, and other indoor surfaces and floors with ease.
  • MULTI-USE: Use all around your home and garden. Use at full strength to remove tough stains or dilute with water for a softer clean.
  • PET FRIENDLY: Non-toxic, biodegradable, additive-free, non-caustic, dye- and chemical-free.
  • ECONOMICAL: Safer than store-bought cleaners and much cheaper in the long run.


Product description

30% Weedi Safe Vinegar Home & garden 6x Stronger Than standard vinegar! Hundreds of uses! Environmentally friendly because it’s biodegradable INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Horticultural Applications: Use at full strength with any type of pressure sprayer. Regular Cleaning: Add 1 part vinegar to 5 parts water. Heavy Duty Cleaning: Add 1 part vinegar to 2 parts water. Other Great uses include: - Lowering pH of soil and water - Drip irrigation line & hydroponic equipment cleaner - Clean brick and stone patios and driveways - Cleaner for green houses and hothouses - Ridding doors from laundry (clothes & washing machine) - Deodorize & clean drain lines and garbage disposals - Dissolves mineral, calcium & lime buildup - Removes soap scum & hard water stains - Polishes chrome and metal fixtures - Cleans rust off tools & concrete


Contains 300g per Litre Acetic Acid

30% All Purpose Eco Friendly Vinegar - Organic - (5 Litre) Weed Killer & Cleaner

SKU: 30%/5/Litre